Ferrel H. Raskin – Chief Executive Officer

Ferrel is a seasoned entrepreneur with fifteen years of experience in diverse industry sectors to include commercial real estate, consumer product manufacturing and M&A deal generation.From 2000 to 2006, Ferrel was a Partner in East Thunderbird Square in Scottsdale, AZ, where he developed, managed and sold one of the largest real estate transactions in Arizona.  The real estate project encompassed a thirty-one acre, 375,000 square foot real estate development on prime frontage on Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. Utilizing his background in finance and contract negotiations, Ferrel successfully spearheaded the $100 million dollar sale of this retail center property, which is currently an operating retail shopping center today.

Ferrel was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMI from 2006 to 2011. SMI provided the manufacturing services for the production of supplemental products, such as protein powder. The supplemental product line was sold in Costco and other retailers. Ferrel was an investor of SMI and under his oversight, the manufacturing capabilities reached a series of manufacturing plant certification upgrades that allowed for the operation of a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility.

The progression of SMI into a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing company, coupled with Ferrel’s expertise in product development and licensing deals led to Ferrel’s recent investment in Oral Thin Film (OTF) technology, which is an innovative drug delivery technology that allows pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to be integrated into a thin film the size of a postage stamp that the consumer simply places inside their cheek, whereby the drug “active” instantly enters their bloodstream for greater speed of treatment and efficacy.

To facilitate OTF delivery of products into the human and veterinary pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets, Ferrel has utilized his experience in bringing cutting-edge products to market as the founder and CEO of Oral Thin Film Solutions, LLC.  The company has launched a line of OTF products under the brand, Lifestrips, for OTF consumer products to include aspirin, energy, electrolyte replacement, melatonin, allergy relief, vitamin, nicotine and diverse other products that are in the product pipeline.

To facilitate Lifestrips as a successful brand, Ferrel has negotiated and formed a joint venture with CURE Pharmaceutical, one of the leading manufacturers of Oral Thin Film technology in the world due to its superior intellectual property and trade secrets. Through the Joint venture with CURE, Oral Thin Film Solutions will facilitate the quality R&D and manufacturing activities that will allows the positioning of the “Lifestrips” brand as the leading fast-acting way for consumers to take vitamin, nutraceutical, Over-The-Counter, and prescription products.  Through the JV, Ferrel is also negotiating product from Pepsi and other major consumer product companies to launch product extensions using Lifestrips’ Oral Thin Film Delivery.


Russell Stamm – Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Stamm started a multi-faceted travel company, Mundus Enterprises, Inc. which owned and operated 5 retail travel agencies, 4 off airport parking entities, a destination and convention management business, and franchised 60 travel related private and technical schools. The business was eventually sold to Carlson Companies out of Minneapolis Minnesota.

Mr. Stamm is a co-founder of Vector Enterprises, Inc. with twenty-six years experience in developing and marketing a multitude of 3rd party provider products for the telecommunications industry, with associated experience in web-based products and various mobile industry products. He oversees all Vector operations world-wide.

Most recently Mr. Stamm has been involved in creating and manufacturing nutraceutical products and has broadened his scope to including the legal cannabis market through a partnership with Ferrel Raskin and D9 Manufacturing. As Chief Operating Officer Mr. Stamm is responsible for bringing his expertise in operating and manufacturing large scale commercial operations.